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8 thoughts on “Local History

  1. I’ve just been reading your very interesting piece on Lavendon Mill and the Perry family. However, does anyone know anything about the Adkins family there? William Adkins married the mill owner’s daughter, Elizabeth Perry, in 1756, and was described as a miller of Lavendon. He later went on to mill at Olney, and then Ravendon, where he died in 1823. I cannot trace William before his marriage. Can anyone help? (No baptism at Lavendon or Olney). Thanks.


    • The only early records that I have immediately to hand are transcriptions of surviving gravestones. They are mostly 18th or 19th century in date and I regret do not include a William Peirson. However, in case it is relevant to you, there are a few mid-19th century transcriptions for members of the ‘Pearson’ family. Let me know if the latter are of any interest.
      Nigel Stickells, Editor, Lavendon Connection


      • Thank you. Yes, please, there are variations in the spelling of ancestors – include Pearson, Peirson, Pereson and Pierson. All had their origins in a village called Percon near Beverley which no longer exists at least as a village inn its own right.


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