Lavendon Conservation Area

The Establishment of the Lavendon Conservation Area

The Conservation Area in Lavendon was designated on 31 October 1979 by the planning department of the then MK Borough Council.

The newspaper report, shown below, appeared in the Milton Keynes Express of 4 January 1980. A map showing the Conservation Area, together with other planning details, was published by the Council in a document dated May 1981 and entitled ‘Conservation Areas in the Borough of Milton Keynes’.

MK Express of 4th January 1980 announcing new Conservation Areas, including one for Lavendon village

Designated Conservation Area – original plan dated May 1981

Historical Background

On 31 October 1979 part of Lavendon was designated as a Conservation Area by the then Borough of Milton Keynes. The background to this designation, together with those for some 23 other MK towns and villages, was set out by the then MK planning authority in a document entitled ‘Conservation Areas in the Borough of Milton Keynes’ dated May 1981, brief extracts from are as follows.

“In order to protect the most attractive parts of towns and villages in this country, legislation has provided for the designation of Conservation Areas.”

“Conservation Areas are given special protection so that the places and characteristics which are valued by our society may continue to be enjoyed.”

“Designation of a Conservation Area is not intended to prevent change or development, but does require that these should result in the preservation or enhancement of the character of the area.”

“Once an area is designated the Planning Authority must give special attention to applications for development, be these new buildings or alterations to existing buildings.”

Practical Effects

Trees – Anyone proposing to do work on trees in a Conservation Area must give notice of their intention to do so. The procedures are similar to those which would apply if a Tree Preservation Order was in place.

Demolition – Such work within the Area is subject to similar controls as if the building was Listed (whether or not it actually was Listed).

Enhancement – There is a duty placed upon the local authority to formulate and publish proposals for the preservation and enhancement of its Conservation Areas, and submit these to the public for consultation.

Control of Development

In summary, the 1981 document set out how the MK planning authority would:

  • only permit such development as preserves or enhances the Area’s character or appearance.
  • have special regard for the protection of its visual character (including some applications outside of the Area).
  • require more detailed planning applications to be provided.
  • support appropriate use of all buildings and will only permit their demolition under certain conditions, and then only where there is an acceptable and detailed plan for re-use of the land.
  • have special regard for the effect of advertisements on the visual character of the Area and may prohibit or remove any advertisements that detract from its character.
  • ensure protection or re-instatement of trees which contribute to the character or appearance of the Area.
  • have special regard to the siting and design of public utilities in the Area.
Current Controls

Click here for an up-to-date map of the Lavendon Conservation Area (opens as a pdf file).

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