Local History Group

Lavendon Village History Group

Lavendon History Group has a meeting every month or two to listen to a speaker, usually on a topic of local or general historical interest. The talks are chosen to be of broad interest to a wide audience, and normally include a slideshow.

The talks are open to anyone, regardless of age, and are usually held on a Monday afternoon starting at 2pm in the Lavendon Village Hall. There is a charge of £2.50 for members and visitors. This goes towards the cost of speakers and Hall hire, as well as for the tea and biscuits that are always included.

Calendar of Meetings for 2020, normally Mondays at 2pm in the Lavendon Village Hall:

NB Please check nearer the date in case of any changes.

27th January 2020 – Michael Brown

Death in the Garden

16th March 2020 – Roy Smart

Amy – Wonderful Amy

18th May 2020 – Bill Davies

On and Off the Footplate

22nd June 2020 – David Fowler

The Admiral and his Mistress – Horatio & Emma

24th August – Kevin Varty

Dancing in the Streets – The Tamla Motown Story

19th October 2020 – Roy Smart

The Rise and Fall of Percy Pilcher

23rd November 2020 – Steve Dimmer

Yule be Surprised – Why Christmas is Christmas


Calendar of Past Meetings for 2019:

28th January 2019 – Eve Bacon

1950s Food and the Housewife

18th March 2019 – Steve Dimmer

Forging Ahead: The secrets of Operation Bernhard

20th May 2019 – David Fowler

The BBC & Glenn Miller in WW2 Bedford

15th July 2019 – Kevin Varty

Away with the Fairies

30th September 2019 – Steve Bacon  [NB Revised Speaker/Topic]

Grave Robbing

21st October 2019 – Steve Dimmer

The Horrible History of Halloween

25th November 2019 – Kevin Varty

At 7.30pm
An Evening with a Magic Lantern


Calendar of Past Meetings for 2018:

29 January – Barry Testro

R J Mitchel’s Pretty Little Aeroplane

19 March – Kevin Varty

What Did Amuse Victoria?

21 May – Steve Dimmer

A History of Carry-On Films

25 June – Paul Harrison

Arthur Rouse – Fake Life or Fake Death?

17 September – Kevin Varty

Flushed with Success!

15 October – Roy Smart

The Last Naval Hero – Earl Beatty

26 November – Denise Legge  [NB This is a programme change!]

Elizabeth, Tudor Housewife – Her Daily Life and Work


Calendar of Past Meetings for 2017:

30 January – Kevin Varty

Northamptonshire Murders and Mysteries
Two intriguing murders and a ghost story

20 March – Dorothy Jamieson

From Stowe to Sheringham
An illustrated talk on the gardeners Capability Brown and Humphrey Repton

22 May – Kevin Varty

Exploring Churchyards – the Lost Language of Headstones
The A to Z of headstone symbolism

03 July – Polly Feeley

Music and Memories from a 1950’s Childhood
Pure Nostalgia

08 August – Afternoon Trip to Elton Hall

Book with Ralph on 01234 712743

16 October – John Tusting

The History of Leather

27 November – Dianne Bell

Festive Fun at the National Trust – An informative talk by an experienced NT volunteer.


Calendar of Past Meetings for 2016:

25 January 2016 – Ruth Thomas

Entertainment in Northampton 1850-1970

21 March – Kevin Varty

Joined at the Hippo – the Life and Music of Flanders and Swann

23 May – Amanda Picard

Make Do and Mend

27 June – Dusty Roades – Sorry, Cancelled!

Country Superstitions

26 July – Coach Outing

Visit to Broughton Castle, near Banbury

26 September – Tony Boullemier

A Little Book of Monarchs

17 October –  Ruth Thomas

Coaches, Carriages and Canals: Northampton and Communications

21 November – Kevin Varty

Radio Days


Calendar of Past Meetings for 2015:

26 January 2015 – Kevin Varty

Sweet Memories or Don’t Get Me Started on Wagon Wheels

23 March – Vic Botterill

The Nursery Rhyme Detective

25 May – Dusty Roades

Country Customs

29 June – Kevin Varty

Who was Harry? Trench Art Revisited

29 July – Coach Outing to Deene Park, Northamptonshire

28 September – Amanda Picard

Subterranean Secrets

19 October – Vic Botterill

A Christmas Cracker

23 November – Kate Wills

Christmas in the Trenches

10 thoughts on “Local History Group

  1. Good evening,
    My name is Richard Parris and I’m interested in finding out more about my family history in the Lavendon area. My ancestors lived in the area from the early 1700s through to the late 20th century and I was wondering if you could suggest anyone to contact with regards to viewing local records to find out more about them?
    My understanding is that my Great Uncle donated land for the construction of the Union Chapel (now the Lavendon Baptist Church), so I was wondering if you could recommend someone to contact to view the church (and inscriptions relating to my ancestors)?
    Any help you can provide would be appreciated.
    Kind regards,
    Richard Parris

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Mike – thank you for your memories. It all sounds most interesting especially concerning the time capsule. Do you remember where it was buried? It would be lovely if you could assemble some general memories about the Grange and your days spent there. I would be very happy to see your recollections put together under the memories heading shown under the ‘Local history’ tab. It would be good to hear from you again. I can give you my email address if you would like to assemble and send some stories? Nigel, Editor.


  2. Would you have any details regarding the Sharman family of Lavendon in the 19th century?

    Hoping to confirm that William Sharman born 1827 to William Sharman, publican, and his wife Sarah, is the William who was farming at Lavendon in 1861, However it seems he moved to Great Woolstone in 1862, marrying that year in October Annie Jefferson at Sherington.

    Kind Regards

    John Taylor


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