Local Memories: The Roosters Motor Cycle Club of North Bucks

Badge of the Roosters Motorcycle Club - North Bucks

Badge of the Roosters Motorcycle Club of North Bucks

The badge shown above is that of the Roosters North Bucks Motor Cycle Club which operated in North Bucks during the late 1940s and on into the 1950/60s. The badge, 3½ins diam, is photographed by kind permission of Lavendon resident Sylvia Freeman whose late husband was a member of the Roosters MC Club.

The Roosters MC Club was founded by local motor cycle enthusiasts Bill ‘Yipee’ Barwick, George Coley and others whilst drinking in the former Cock Inn in Olney one evening shortly after the War. Initial interest was generated as a result of them putting an advert in the local paper suggesting fellow motor cycle enthusiasts should turn up for an inaugural meeting. The Chairman of the latter meeting was Ian Jolley, already Chairman of the then well known South Bucks Motor Cycle Club. Ian Jolley lived for a spell at Northey Cottage, Northey Farm, Lavendon. When Ian left to live elsewhere, Bill Barwick and his wife, Frances, took over living in the cottage.

Scarf in REME colours

Scarf in REME colours

The Roosters Club expanded rapidly with interest shown from all over North Bucks and also Northamptonshire. Club nights were well attended and in due course motor cycle and scrambling trials were held at various venues in the district, including at Petsoe End near Emberton. The Club also became affiliated to the Auto Cycle Union. At the inaugural meeting George Coley determined that the Club colours should be Red, Yellow and Black; this was because they were the colours of the REME [Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers] “and George had the scarf with him.” These colours are reflected in the badge as shown; it should be born in mind that many of those who joined the Club did so following a recent return from WW2 service life.

Further reading: 6 Nov 2003 – BBC Home – WW2 People’s War: http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/ww2peopleswar/stories/12/a1982612.shtml

NBS: 7 Jan 2014

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