Park Farm, Lavendon

Lavendon Park Farm
The former Park Farm at Lavendon, long demolished
1982 OS Map

Only a few ground-level ruins of the former Park Farm remain to the south of Lavendon Woods. Access to the farm was originally made via what is now a public by-way leading off the top end of Castle Road, Lavendon. The farm was in a relatively isolated location with no modern utilities and as a result it fell into disuse and neglect from the 1950s onwards. Public access is not available as the ruins, now covered in untended overgrowth, are located on private farm land detached from the modern by-way. Until recent times the final access trackway to the farm was marked by a line of cobbles across the adjacent field that has since been ploughed out and lost to the casual eye.

Ordnance Survey 1882
1882 OS map showing Park Farm layout and access trackway from Castle Road
Lavendon Park Farm in its better days.
All that was left of Park Farm in 2008

The Occupants of Lavendon Park Farm

Since the early 1800s only three main families occupied Park Farm. The 1841 census and earlier electoral records show that William and George Parris were the occupants together with their families and some workers. The 1851/1861/1871 census records list Charles Spencer and his family living and working on the farm. After a brief interlude, Henry Vincent Johnson and his family occupied the farm as shown in the 1891/1901/1911 census records and in the ensuing trade directories, through until at least 1928. A more detailed listing of Park Farm occupants is to be found here.