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A Selection of Lavendon Names We all Love!

A Selection of Lavendon Names We all Love!

Welcome to the web site serving Lavendon village in the most northerly parish of Buckinghamshire.

If you would like to know more ‘about us’ then please click on the appropriate tab or link on this page. The ‘news updates’ tab or link will take you to the latest list of posts showing what’s going on in and about the Parish. If you would like to be the first to get the news when it happens then why not register to ‘follow my blog’ – see the link on this and other pages. This will give you an automatic email alert whenever there is a new post (which can also be found on the ‘news updates’ page).

If you would like to get in touch with the Editor about anything relevant to the community, or about the website itself, then please email at Editor@lavendonconnection.co . For example, if you have an event poster or news about activities in and around the village then please get in touch.

This website is non-profit making and privately funded. It does not carry commercial advertisements, so please don’t ask!

12 thoughts on “Home

  1. Does anyone in Lavendon know about Mary Crouch? I have several of her paintings and would be interested in finding out more about her as her address appears to be in Lavendon.


  2. Does anyone know who keeps flying a drone over the village? It is very noisy and a nuisance in what is generally a quiet village. I personally also find it very intrusive and an invasion of people’s privacy. A couple of days ago it flew very close to a pair of kites flying above the village which I was concerned about. If anyone knows who is flying the drone could they please ask the owner to be more considerate and to refrain from ruining the peace and quiet in the village and to also stop disturbing the wildlife. Many thanks.


    • Many people have expressed concern about the flying of drones over Lavendon village, as evidenced by a variety of comments appearing on village Facebook pages. There have been some denials by known drone operators but I believe the particular culprit who is upsetting most people has yet to be positively identified.

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