A Lavendon Timeline – Anniversaries in August 2016

Lavendon in the News – Vintage extracts from local newspapers of the past

Vintage newspaper extracts give us a great insight into the daily life and times of our Lavendon village residents in years gone by. They also remind us just how much easier our modern day lives can be now, compared to the past. Some extracts are undoubtedly amusing to our modern eyes, but others can be quite dramatic and sad, often reflecting hard times.

To see the detailed vintage news and anniversaries from many years ago for the month of August 2016 click here: August 2016 Anniversaries (as summarized below).

To see much more vintage news, go to the main monthly listing by clicking here: Vintage Newspaper Extracts

The following is a summary of vintage newspaper extracts and anniversaries for the month of August 2016:

1826 Proposed Turnpike Road from Northampton to Bedford via Lavendon – 1876 Servant absented himself on second day at work and returned intoxicated and abusive – 1886 Lavendon man prosecuted for not having his children vaccinated – 1896 Lavendon man summonsed for being drunk in charge of two horses and a wagon – 1916 Lavendon man fined for easy riding on footpath – 1936 Lavendon residents excused rates due to poverty; new Lavendon water supply switched on; Olney Road culvert fell in while new gas mains being laid; Parish Council discussed disposal of bier house, need for footpath in Northampton Road; new water tap in the cemetery now that water supply has arrived in Lavendon – 1946 Lavendon Gymkhana and Flower Show held on 31st August; Lavendon farm-worker attacked by two boys who escaped from Approved School.

2016 Lavendon Scarecrow Competition

The Lavendon Show is being held on 10th September 2016.

As always we will be holding a Scarecrow Competition for children and adults to enter free of charge.

The idea is that the Scarecrows are made up over the summer holiday period and ideally displayed in your front garden or anywhere else that can be easily seen during the week before the Show. On the day of the Show the Scarecrows can be brought to the school field by 12.30pm where they will be judged by Peter Geary and Debbie Brock at 1.00pm. There is a shield to be won for the best Scarecrow entries, adult & children’s classes, as well as other prizes. So, time to get busy!

Lavendon Scarecrow Competition - 10th September 2016

Lavendon Scarecrow Competition – 10th September 2016