Volunteer Wanted to Manage Film Club at Lavendon Village Hall

Here’s a fantastic voluntary opportunity for someone who would enjoy leading a team effort and putting together a regular programme of community film shows in the Lavendon Village Hall. More information and an outline job description are shown below!

Voluntary Film Administrator for Lavendon Village Hall – Job Description

The Co-op is Helping Lavendon Village Hall!

Co-op Membership and Local Good Causes

The Co-op Community Fund: An Important Message for our Lavendon Community!

Many of you will know that over the past 6 months the Co-op Local Community Fund has been supporting Lavendon Village Hall by allocating a significant part of its 5p plastic bag fundraiser to our charity. The Co-op has already raised about £860 for us, but there is much more left for us to claim!

We are told that another £9,000 is up for grabs. This sum will be divided proportionately between us and another charity. All it needs is for more local customers to register and/or make Lavendon Village Hall their favourite community cause with the Co-op – but it must be done before 11th November when another new cause will be chosen by the Co-op.

There is no cost to any customer who chooses to register Lavendon Village Hall with the Co-op, but the Hall will get an immediate benefit. Indeed, a cheque is going to be awarded to the Village Hall on the Olney Co-op’s Celebration Day, 25th November, to which you are warmly invited at 12 noon.

To register or assign Lavendon Village Hall as your favourite chosen cause, please go to www.coop.co.uk/membership . Your support for our Village Hall, past, present and future, is very much appreciated!

Lavendon School – Vacancies for School Governors

The following letter has been issued by the Chair of Lavendon School Governors, Mike Griffiths:

Governor Vacancies

Lavendon School governing body has two vacancies from the beginning of the new school year following the 2017 summer holidays.
The Governing Board sets the aims and strategic direction of the school, monitors the academic progress and achievements and manages the school’s finances.
Being a school governor is an interesting and rewarding role. We work as a team ensuring the school fulfils its aim of being a safe and happy environment for its pupils to learn and play in.
The Governing Board set objectives in teaching, learning and finances. We monitor the progress of children and staff and have responsibilities in areas such as recruitment and safeguarding of pupils.
This short letter cannot give a full picture of a governor’s role. If you have any interest in becoming a governor or would like more information then please contact me either via the school office or directly at the email or telephone above.
Finally I have attached overleaf [see below] a job description of a governor which will give you a little more information.

Yours faithfully,

Mike Griffiths
Chair of Governors

For Contact details see below


Governing is a job – it just isn’t paid!! It is helpful to be clear about the role, expectations and limitations. There are many different ways of being a successful governor. This job description is a guide to assist you understand the role.

If you are interested the Chair of Governors will be able to give you more information and explain in practical terms what is required if you become a Governor.

Job Description – School Governor Lavendon Primary
Responsible to: Chair of Governors


• Caring
• Believes in state education
• Committed to the values of the school
• Commitment to offering time
• Willingness to undergo training and development
• Prepared to work as a member of a team
• Willing to contribute to school development and improvement
• Reliable
• Honest

• Attend meetings
• Visit the school
• Serve on a committee
• Be attached to an area of the school’s work
• Participate in decisions on the Governing Body
• Undertake training and development
• Work within an agreed code of conduct
• Represent the school within the local community
• Represent the local community on the Governing Body
• Maintain confidentially as required

Does the job description and person specification fit you or anybody you know who would be interested in becoming a governor?

We are seeking people who are able to fulfil this role, if you feel you have the necessary commitment please contact the school or Mike Griffiths on 07778904248 or by emailing mkg17@me.com