Lavendon Village Hall – Acoustic Panelling Project

Good News from the MK Community Foundation!

Lavendon Village Hall – Acoustic Panelling Improvement Project:
Work supported by funding from the MK Community Foundation

The Trustees of Lavendon Village Hall are extremely pleased to announce that the MK Community Foundation has kindly approved our recent application for a £5,000 grant to make certain improvements to the Village Hall. This is, of course, very welcome news given the present difficulties of project fundraising during the current COVID-19 crisis when Hall income is otherwise non-existent.

The Grant should enable us to begin work shortly on installing acoustic panelling over the Hall ceilings, ultimately creating a more welcoming atmosphere during key sound and music events. As a result it should be possible, for example, to resume our programme of regular film shows once the current pandemic issues begin to subside. It has long been acknowledged that some of these audio-visual events have suffered too much from problems of echo and general sound reverberation – something especially difficult for those who are hard of hearing.

The Village Hall Chairman, John Salter, said “these improvements, combined with other recent investments in a first class audio-visual system, will help to create a community hall atmosphere of which we can all be immensely proud. For that reason we are most grateful to the MK Community Foundation for its enormous support, both now and in the past”.

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