A Lavendon Timeline – Anniversaries in July 2016

Lavendon in the News – Vintage extracts from local newspapers of the past

Vintage newspaper extracts give us a great insight into the daily life and times of our Lavendon village residents in years gone by. They also remind us just how much easier our modern day lives can be now, compared to the past. Some extracts are undoubtedly amusing to our modern eyes, but others can be quite dramatic and sad, often reflecting hard times.

To see the detailed vintage news and anniversaries from many years ago for the month of July 2016 click here: July 2016 Anniversaries (as summarized below).

To see much more vintage news, go to the main monthly listing by clicking here: Vintage Newspaper Extracts

The following is a summary of vintage newspaper extracts and anniversaries for the month of July 2016:

1856 Fire in Lavendon and a melancholy fatal accident – 1866 Grand Temperance Gala with procession by Olney and Lavendon branches, headed by Olney Brass Band – 1876 Farmer charged with letting cattle graze on the highway at Lavendon – 1916 Military Service Tribunals involving Lavendon men – 1936 Sale of eight cottages in Horseshoe Yard [now Village Hall area]; Church Army Crusaders tramping from Canterbury to Cleethorpes are accommodated by Lavendon; Parish business; County road improvements in Northampton Road; Fete and Sports held in aid of Lavendon Playing Fields Committee and St John Ambulance Division – 1946 Sale of Cattle and Poultry at Rectory Farm, Lavendon; Proposed resumption of St John Ambulance branch in Lavendon following return of men from war service; A strange cricket record; Joan Tunn of Olney Road, Lavendon, breaks sports record in the All-England Finals; weekly rents for agricultural and council houses fixed by Newport Pagnell RDC.

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