A Lavendon Timeline – Anniversaries in December 2015

Lavendon in the News – Edited extracts from local newspapers of the past

150 Years Ago in 1865 – NARROW ESCAPE: Waites, the postman, who travels from Olney to Newport, was driving a young pony belonging to Mr. Perry, of Lavendon Mill. He stopped to give the horse some water near the mill, when going too far into the river the rush of the stream carried them into the middle of the river, where they remained some time, the pony occasionally raising his head a few inches above the water, the man standing in the cart up to his waist. At length the postman, who behaved throughout with remarkable coolness, succeeded in pulling the pony towards the bank, when Mr. Perry, with assistants, rescued the pony and man from their perilous situation, leaving the cart and empty post-bags in the river, where it is expected they will have to remain a few days on account of the great depth of water.

140 Years Ago in 1875 – ATTEMPTED HIGHWAY ROBBERY: Mr. George Parsons, of Lavendon Mills, was riding back from Yardley Hastings to Lavendon; he was stopped on the road by a man, who seized the horse’s bridle and demanded money. On refusing to let go his hold, Mr. Parsons struck him on the arm with his riding whip. The fellow, who was wearing a black mask, then seized hold of Mr. Parsons’ leg, and repeated his demand for money. Mr. Parsons then struck him another blow with the handle of his whip, and rode on, followed by the threats of his assailant that he would “meet with him again soon.”

130 Years Ago in 1885 – TORCHLIGHT SKATING: The meadows adjoining Olney in the direction of Weston, as also Lavendon, being under water at the time when the recent frost set in, presented at the end of last week a fine opportunity for this amusement, which was not lost by the inhabitants of the district. On Thursday the sport was kept up after dusk by the aid of torches, and of two balls, which were judiciously and appropriately brought out upon the occasion. On Friday and Saturday some two hundred people were on the ice at once, and a pleasant and animated scene was presented. It was all too short-lived, for the breakup of the weather prevented all such enjoyment in the early part of the week.

120 Years Ago in 1895 – SCHOOL ATTENDANCE CASE: John Bayes, labourer, of Lavendon, was summoned at the instance of the Lavendon School Board, for neglecting to send his son Charles regularly to school, and was fined 6d. and 4/6 costs.—The circumstances of the case were detailed by J. Lay, attendance officer.

90 Years Ago in 1925 – FELMERSHAM: Lavendon visited the Plough Inn on Saturday for a skittle match. Lavendon won by three horses. A musical evening followed.

80 Years Ago in 1935 – PARISH COUNCIL: A meeting of the Parish Council was held with Mr J Cony presiding. A letter was read from the Rural District Council with reference to the question of more Council houses, and it was decided to reply pointing out the disadvantages there were to the village tradesmen in having the site so far away from the centre of the village.
Three applications were received for the position of Clerk, the present Clerk having left the village. Mr J. H. Green was appointed.

MEN’S SERVICE – The Rev. Fermor Leggatt, Rector of Lavendon held a special service in St. Michael’s Church for ex-Service men. Upwards of forty of these men from Lavendon, Olney, Emberton and Brayfield formed up in the village, under Major D. H Farrer, President of the Lavendon Branch of the British Legion, and marched to the church, headed by two standards, which were dipped in salute on passing the Memorial. The Rector expressed his gratefulness for the splendid response to his invitation, as he wished to establish a spiritual contact with the men with whom he served in the Great War as a private soldier in the R.F.A. from 1914 to 1918.

Early view of Council Houses in Olney Road, Lavendon

Early view of Council Houses in Olney Road, Lavendon. Photo by Maurice Kitchener

COUNCIL HOUSES – At Newport Pagnell Rural District Council on Wednesday it was decided buy a two and a half acre site on the Olney Road for housing at Lavendon.

LAVENDON – A whist drive was held in the Ambulance Hall on 19th December in aid of the Football Club. Mr. T. Kitchener was M.C. and the winners were: Ladies, J. Green, H. Marshall, V. Green; Gentlemen, R. Panter, V. Tompkins, and A. Wooding.
The “Green Man” Loan and Dividend Club paid out over £250 and the “George Inn” Thrift Club paid out £195.

70 Years Ago in 1945 – LAVENDON: L/Bdr. L. Panter, R.A., and Cpl. W. Panter (brothers), are home on leave together. L/Bdr. Panter has served in lndia and Burma with the 14th Army for more than four years, and Cpl. Panter has been with the Army Catering Corps in Africa and Italy during the past two and a half years. Five more residents have recently been demobilized from H.M. Forces. They are Messrs. John Panter, H. Freeman, T. Holmes, and F. Rainbow, from the Army; and Miss D. Panter from the W.A.A.F.

FOR HOSPITAL: An auction sale of gifts which had been collected from house to house was held in the Ambulance Hall on Saturday. Messrs. F. C. Beeden and S. C. Holmes were the auctioneers. The proceeds realized £38 for the Northampton Hospital Appeal Fund. In the evening an old-time dance, on behalf of the same cause, was held and another £10 was realized. Mr. L. Robbins was M.C. for dancing.

BRITISH LEGION DINNER: Over one hundred residents attended the annual reunion dinner of the British Legion (Lavendon and District Branch) held at the Ambulance Hall on Friday. Toasts were proposed by Mr. S C. Holmes (Branch Chairman), Mr. C. G. Creed (Treasurer), Mr. E. W. Ashley (Hon. Secretary, Olney Branch), and the Rev. R. R. N. Rendell. Representatives from the Olney branch spoke on the work of the Legion, with particular reference to the Lavendon branch. Messages were received from the President (Capt. P. Dunn), and the Vice-Presidents (the Hon. Mrs. D. H. Farrer, Capt. Michael Farrer, and Capt. R. Farrer), who were unable to be present. The desirability of forming a Women’s Section of the branch was stressed by all speakers. Members from Carlton, Emberton, Olney, and Lavendon provided a programme of entertainment, Gunner V. Tompkins and Cpl. P. Lay (home on leave) being at the piano.

The British Legion Forces’ Gift Fund was liquidated by a distribution, at Christmas, of £1 5s. each to 60 serving and recently demobilized Service people of the village. A Forces’ “Welcome Home” Fund has been instituted to replace the Gift Fund, with a target of £100. Donations and offers of help will be gratefully acknowledged by the Committee.

60 Years Ago in 1955 – SPORTING REVIEW: The North Bucks Beagles will be at Lavendon Mill on 27th December.

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