Lavendon Airfield – Memorial Unveiling Ceremony



Many people are unaware that Lavendon had its own airfield in times past. It was established by the then Royal Flying Corps in October 1916 during the Great War. Following the end of the latter the airfield was adopted by a handful of wealthy private air enthusiasts who later went on to found the Northamptonshire Aero Club at nearby Sywell.

The Lavendon Airfield was sited adjacent to the Harrold Road in the long field that runs downhill from Lavendon Wood towards Snip Wood on the opposite side of the road. The charity ‘Airfields of Britain Conservation Trust’ has kindly donated a granite plaque to the village community which has been installed on the wall in front of the Village Hall for all to see. The Chairman of the Lavendon Branch of the Royal British Legion has very kindly agreed to unveil the plaque at the Hall in a brief ceremony immediately after the conclusion of the Remembrance Service adjacent to the Lavendon War Memorial, circa 11.30am this Sunday, 11th November 2018.

You are warmly invited to attend the brief unveiling ceremony and to hear a little more about our almost forgotten WW1 Lavendon Airfield.

Shown in the photo below, Geoffrey Linnell was a former Flight Lieutenant in the Naval Wing of the Royal Flying Corps. He based his own red Gypsy Moth aircraft at the Lavendon Airfield after WW1.

Geoffrey Linnell – 19th April 1917

2 thoughts on “Lavendon Airfield – Memorial Unveiling Ceremony

  1. I’ve always known there was one in the village years ago but never knew muchoee than that. This is fantastic! Please share some pics of the unveiling and the plaque when it’s unveiled.



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