The Co-op is Helping Lavendon Village Hall!

Co-op Membership and Local Good Causes

The Co-op Community Fund: An Important Message for our Lavendon Community!

Many of you will know that over the past 6 months the Co-op Local Community Fund has been supporting Lavendon Village Hall by allocating a significant part of its 5p plastic bag fundraiser to our charity. The Co-op has already raised about £860 for us, but there is much more left for us to claim!

We are told that another £9,000 is up for grabs. This sum will be divided proportionately between us and another charity. All it needs is for more local customers to register and/or make Lavendon Village Hall their favourite community cause with the Co-op – but it must be done before 11th November when another new cause will be chosen by the Co-op.

There is no cost to any customer who chooses to register Lavendon Village Hall with the Co-op, but the Hall will get an immediate benefit. Indeed, a cheque is going to be awarded to the Village Hall on the Olney Co-op’s Celebration Day, 25th November, to which you are warmly invited at 12 noon.

To register or assign Lavendon Village Hall as your favourite chosen cause, please go to . Your support for our Village Hall, past, present and future, is very much appreciated!

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