The Co-op is Helping Lavendon Village Hall!

Co-op Membership and Local Good Causes


Lavendon Village Hall has been fortunate enough to be selected by the Co-op as one of its worthy community causes over the next six months, starting with immediate effect. The Co-op has already made a very generous kick-start donation. The Hall Committee are planning to use the funds to help make some significant improvements to the audio-visual systems, potentially giving us all lots of scope for film shows, live streaming, stage lighting and various other dramatic improvements.

How it works: The Co‑op gives 1% of what you spend on its products to community projects selected by Co‑op stores near your home. You can choose which cause your own 1% goes to. If you don’t, it’s shared out between the causes of your nearest Co‑op. New causes are chosen every 6 months.

If you are already a member of the Co-op then please consider nominating Lavendon Village Hall as your worthy cause for the current six months. You can do this by signing into your online Co-op account to make the nomination, and you can also see how the funding cause is progressing. If you are not yet a member then why not sign up online now – you can get instant membership and make your nomination straight away, as well as earn yourself a bonus in the future!

There’s more access information available starting at

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