A Lavendon Timeline – Anniversaries in February 2016

Lavendon in the News – Edited extracts from local newspapers of the past

120 Years Ago in 1896

LAVENDON, Buckinghamshire. Two Miles from Olney. 12 FREEHOLD COTTAGES.
Substantially built of stone and tile, with good Gardens and Barns, in the occupation of Luke Harley, Jeffrey Robinson, and others, as monthly tenants. The rentals of eight are 5s. 4d. per month, of two 6s. 8d. per month, one is 4s. 6d, and one 4s. 3d. The aggregate therefore would produce over £42 per annum. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MESSRS J. R.EVE and SON, at the Bull, Hotel, Olney, on Monday, Feb 17th, 1896, at Five o’clock precisely.

Night Poaching Lavendon.— Fred Drage and Owen Woodbridge, were charged with night poaching at Lavendon, on January 28th, on land in the occupation of Mr. R. Battams, who was present in Court, and conducted the case for the prosecution. —Two witnesses named Orpin proved seeing a lurcher dog, in the care of Drage, go upon the land in question and kill a hare, which was subsequently taken by the gamekeeper to Mr. Battams, who said it was quite warm when brought to him.—The defendant Drage swore positively that the dog never left the roadway.— Their Worships fined Drage, against whom there was a previous conviction, £I and 15/- costs or 28 days, and ordered Woodbridge to pay 15/- and 15/- costs or go to prison for 21 days.

80 Years Ago in 1936:

Castlethorpe and Lavendon residents heard with regret the death of Mr. William Longland Johnson, who passed away at his farm, Milford Leys, Castlethorpe, at the age of 72. Mr. Johnson was born at Uphoe Manor Farm, Lavendon, where his father was a well-known farmer. Up to 15 years ago he farmed at Lavendon, and carried on the business of butcher in the village [at the Bell House, High Street], where he was deeply respected. For over 30 years he was churchwarden at Lavendon Parish Church, and he was also a member Lavendon Parish Council. From Lavendon, Mr. Johnson moved to Castlethorpe, where he farmed up to the time of his death. He was member of the Northampton Branch of the National Farmers’ Union.

FOOTBALL – Lavendon’s Six Goals.
After their heavy defeat last week, Lavendon found something of their true form in entertaining Emberton on Saturday and ran up six goals to their visitor’s one. The result is a little surprising as Emberton, up till the last week or so, had been considered one of the strongest sides of the division.

70 Years Ago in 1946:

THE FORTY-FOOT – Country Notes by ‘Touchstone’: [‘The Forty-Foot’ is ‘The Three Shire Way’ in modern times]. Talking of walking, a favourite, expedition of mine when I can find a friend or two to go with me, is to train to Sharnbrook and proceed to Souldrop as a jumping-off point for the Forty Foot Lane, which, providing the going is dry, we can pursue at a leisurely pace, in sweet solitude, immune from any distractions of traffic, as far Dungee Corner. Thence, if still in the mood, we carry on the path skirting Nun and Three Shires Woods to Lavendon Mill, for a farmhouse tea.
I would like to know more about this ancient “green road”, the Forty Foot. Probably the old packhorse men and cattle drovers used to strike it after leaving Pavenham and Harrold. It was said to be 58 miles in length. Colonel Rouse Orlebar used to tell the story that many years ago he was riding along the Forty Foot when he met a drover with about a hundred sheep, driving westwards. The drover asked him: “Is this the way to Liverpool?”

LEGION AND HOUSING – The Lavendon branch of the British Legion recently sent a resolution to Newport Pagnell requesting the erection of additional Council cottages at Lavendon. In reply, the District Housing Surveyor has assured the branch that the Council are continually pressing the Ministry of Health for authority to build more houses, and any action the British Legion can take to bring pressure on the Ministry will be appreciated by the Council. The branch is considering their next move.

[Later] Following a resolution requesting the erection of additional Council cottages at Lavendon which was considered by the Newport Pagnell Rural Council, the British Legion (Lavendon branch) has placed the matter in the hands of the Under Secretary to the Ministry of Health.

LAVENDON – The latest balance sheet presented by the Lavendon Hospital Committee reveals that from the beginning of 1944 to date, £382 10s. 10½d. has been realized on behalf of the Northampton General Hospital War Memorial Fund. Lavendon’s target is £600.
On behalf of the “Forces’ Welcome Home” Fund, a dance was held in the Ambulance Hall on Saturday. A competition was won by Mr. Fred Odell. Profits amounted to £3 18s. 9d.

Mr Jess Green pictured in 1948

Mr Jess Green pictured in 1948

HORSES Broken for Riding, Driving, Farm Work.—D. Williams, Horse Breaker, Horseshoe Inn, Lavendon, Bucks.

MR J H GREEN – In recognition of his services to agriculture during the war, Mr. J. H. Green, of Olney Road, Lavendon, has been awarded a certificate of merit by the former Minister of Agriculture, Mr. R. S. Hudson. Mr. Green is Secretary of the Newport Pagnell branch of the Transport and General Workers’ Union; a member of the Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, and Huntingdonshire Agricultural Wages Board; and a member of the Labour Sub-Committee of the Buckinghamshire War Agricultural Executive Committee. He was associated with the formation of the Lavendon and District Agricultural Club.

in conjunction with the
invite all Members, Farmers, and their workers to take part in a
in the
at 7.30 p.m.


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