Lavendon Village Hall – Grow Your Tenner!

Lavendon Village will benefit!

Lavendon Village will benefit!

Matched Funding Opportunity for Lavendon Village Hall Refurbishment Project

The refurbishment programme associated with Lavendon Village Hall has received enormous support over the past couple of years, during which time over £100,000 has been raised enabling Phase 1 of the programme to be almost completed. As a result, the Village Hall now has a brand new boiler/utilities room, new disabled and ladies & gentlemen’s toilets, new kitchen facilities and also an improved entrance corridor area. A new bar area and improvements to the building fascia and access arrangements are yet to be finalised to complete Phase 1. We then hope to move onwards to provide an additional parking area behind the Hall, as well as extra facilities within the Hall itself and energy saving features such as double glazing and wall insulation.

Fund-raising for the programme has been given much support from the MK Community Foundation and Local Giving charities. These two charities are once again running a matched funding opportunity so that the first £10 of any public donation to Lavendon Village Hall will be directly matched by them for a limited period of time, ie doubling the gift at no extra cost to the donor. This is a great opportunity for the Village Hall project which is not to be missed!

Here are the details:

Start date: Tuesday, 13th October 2015 at 10am (but not before!)
End date: When the fund runs out or Wednesday the 18th November at 5pm
Amount matched: Up to £10 for one-time donations and up to £10 per month for Direct Debit donations for 3 months (£30 max)
Match funding limit per donor for one-time donations: 5 donations

If you would like to make a donation then please go to the Lavendon Village Hall web page on Local Giving at then click on one of the donate buttons which will bring up a simple donation payment form. Donations can also qualify for Gift Aid if you would like to additionally assist in that way.

Thank you in advance for your interest!

The Lavendon Village Hall is a registered Charity No. 300289

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