Ode to the Lavendon Show

Ode to the Lavendon Show

William Wallace Denslow's rendition of the poem, 1901 (Wikipedia)

William Wallace Denslow’s rendition of the poem, 1901 (Wikipedia)

Hey, Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With fruit and veg, and stuff from the hedge,
To the Lavendon Show I’ll go.

Oh, Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
What else will you take to the Show?
Well, jam and pickles, artistic squiggles,
And flowers all tied with a bow.

So, Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
Is there much to cook and sew?
Why yes, forget the bells and shells,
And head right down to the Show!

Just remember, 12th September,
– in the village hall,
Prizes to be won, and lots of fun,
– Spread the word to all!

Definitely Anon

For more information about the Lavendon Show, please click here.

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