Lavendon Railway

LNGR Train


Contact Telephone No: 01234 712653

Lavendon Narrow Gauge Railway Station
Lavendon Narrow Gauge Railway Station

Railway Location:

GPS Postal Code: MK46 4HU

For location of the LNGR, see the map shown separately on this page

Lavendon is located midway between Northampton and Bedford on the A428.

Lavendon Narrow Gauge Railway (LNGR) is situated in Harrold Road, Lavendon, Bucks, some 3 miles from Olney. It is open to the public on published days and available for private functions such as children’s birthday parties.

In addition to the narrow gauge railway, there is a static display of aircraft cockpits, bygones and railway memorabilia.

Why not pay us a visit – we would love to see you!

Check out the gallery web links shown elsewhere on this page!

Public Open Days – 2023: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Train rides will be available on all dates shown below from 11:00am.

Lavendon Narrow Gauge Railway 2023

More details about special events to be held on the following dates will follow

16th April 2023 – Open Day

14th May 2023 – Open Day

25th June 2023 – Open Day

16th July 2023 – Open Day

3rd September 2023 – Open Day

8th October 2023 – Open Day

Opening times 11.00 am until 4.00pm

Contact Details: Pam and Tony Collins: Tel No 01234 712653

47 thoughts on “Lavendon Railway

    • Hi Lucy. Sorry I’m afraid I don’t know about the current booking situation. Please give Tony or Pam Collins (the Railway people) a call on 01234 712653 to make a booking on the railway for your preferred day.


    • Hi Dan
      Sorry for the delay again. I understand that the aircraft will be visible in their barn/hanger on all the open days, but access to the cockpits themselves is not immediately practical. However, Tony Collins is planning to have a ‘open cockpit day’ on one of the Open Days when some of the aircraft will be pulled out and made accessible by ladder. Nevertheless, if you give Tony a ring beforehand on the number given on the page above (01234 712653) then he will do what he can to advise or accommodate a more personalised visit and/or let you know when the open cockpit day might take place. Hope that helps.


    • Many thanks or your enquiry. It would be best if you talk to the railway operators about what you have in mind so that they can give you an accurate answer. Pam or Tony Collins can be contacted on 01234 712653.


    • Hi Kerry. Unfortunately the Christmas Santa rides are no longer being held – the last train ran for Xmas 2017. However, train rides are still available on the Open Days during the rest of the year 2019 – see the website for dates.


  1. Is it possible to view the cockpits on the afternoon of 23 June,I will be in the area from Norfolk and would appreciate a quick look. (over the fence would do).
    Many Thanks


    • Hi Maurice. I would strongly advise you to get in touch with the owner and operator Tony Collins on 01234 712653. The cockpits are normally housed in a covered shed and are generally out of sight from public areas. If he is available on the day then I’m sure Tony would be amenable to you seeing the aircraft.


  2. Hello,

    I am just emailing to see if you have any availability for a birthday party of 7 children on 16th July?

    If so, how much is this and how would I book it?

    Best wishes,



  3. Hello,

    I am trying to find an email address for the railway as I want to find out when they are open because I want to see the aircraft cockpits. I live in Bedford and have never visited, passed by on the bus many times but the bus now only goes as far as Turvey.
    If you would like to pass on my details to the owner then I will appreciate it.
    Many thanks and kind regards.
    Alan Preece


    • Hi Alan
      Many thanks for your message. I’m afraid I don’t have an email address for the railway owners, Pam and Tony Collins, only a telephone number 01234 712653. Your message is most helpful because I discovered that whilst I had posted an update about railway opening times for 2023, back in January of this year, I have failed to update the main railway page. I have now amended the latter page which shows all the 2023 dates, starting with 16th April, then 14th May, etc. So if you navigate to the ‘Lavendon Railway’ page, you should now see the full list of opening times for 2023.
      I’m very sorry for causing any confusion and I hope this gives you the answers that you need. Let me know if you need any other info.
      Kind regards,
      Nigel Stickells, Editor


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