A Lavendon Timeline – Anniversaries in May 2016

Lavendon in the News – Edited extracts from local newspapers of the past

240 Years Ago in 1776:

TO be LETT, and Entered upon at Saint Michael next.
All the GREAT and SMALL TITHES, with the GLEBE, belonging to the Parish of Lavendon situated near Olney, in the County of Bucks. The Great Tithe consisting of the Tithe of about nine hundred and twenty-five Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture-Land, the greatest Part of which is Arable, lying in the Open-Fields of the said Parish.
For Particulars, please to enquire of the Rev. Mr. Barton, of Lavendon.
N. B. No Person need apply who cannot give good Security, or whose Character and Circumstances will not bear enquiring into.
This will be advertised (if not let before) one Month, and no longer.

190 Years Ago in 1826:

Mr. John York, of Lavendon, Bucks, has a mare which has now a foal by its side, making her sixteenth; and, what is remarkable, the mare is 22 years of age, and originally cost £11. The colts produced by this mare have been sold, on an average, for about £11 each.

140 Years Ago in 1876:

NEWPORT PAGNELL PETTY SESSIONS – Frederick Parsons was charged with allowing twenty-five sheep to stray on the highway, at Lavendon, the 5th of May, and was fined 5s. and 7s. 6d. costs.—Henry Parris was charged with a similar offence at Lavendon, on the same day, and was fined 5s., and 7s. 6d.—John Barcock was charged with riding without reins, at Lavendon, on the 5th of May. Defendant pleaded guilty, and was fined 2s. 6d. and 6s. 6d. costs.

130 Years Ago in 1886:

THEFT – Charles Henry Warren, of Turvey, was summoned by John Billing, farmer, of Lavendon, for stealing from a field in the parish of Cold Brayfield a quantity of turnip tops, the value 2/6. P.C. Kenington proved seeing Warren gathering turnip tops in the field, and waited at the gate while he came out. He had a 4-bushel sack full. He asked him what authority he had for gathering the tops. He said he had bought them, and paid for them. He asked him for his receipt, when he showed him a County Court summons, and consequently he communicated with Mr. Billing as to what he had seen. Mr. Billing assured him Warren had no right in his field, therefore he took him into custody for stealing. Mr. Ashdown in defence stated that a previous bargain had been made between the parties for some turnips, and the accused thought he had a right to some tops, and that there was no felonious intent. Mr. Billing stated that the bargain referred to took place last December, and related only to some turnips, and not tops. He further stated that the defendant bought at that time a quantity of turnips for 20/-, and which he had taken away, but not paid for, consequently he put it in the County Court to get his money, and that was the summons he showed to the policeman.—The bench considered he had no right in the field, and that it was a case of stealing, for which they fined him 4/-, 2/6, the value of the turnip tops, and 13/6 costs, or 14 days.

POACHING – Jonah Fairy, of [Cold] Brafield, was charged by P. C. James Kennington, under the Poaching Prevention Act, with coming from land at Brafield, on the 6th instant, in the occupation of Mr. Charles Whitworth, he having good cause to suspect him of being on the land for an unlawful purpose and in search of game. —James Kennington said I am a police-constable stationed at Lavendon. On the 6th instant I suspected the defendant of having game in his possession. It was about 6 p.m. he was coming from his work, he was coming along the highway in Brafield parish. I searched him, and in his basket I found a leveret that had been recently killed, which defendant said he picked up. The defendant works for Mr. Charles Whitworth.—The defendant stated in defence that on the morning in question he was driving some cows across a field belonging to his master, and one of the cows knocked over the young leveret and stamped on it. He picked it up and put it in his basket, which he thought he had a right to do. Mr. John Whitworth appealed to the Bench to say a few words on behalf of the prisoner. He said that Fairy had worked for his father about five years, during which time he had borne a good character, he was straightforward and honest servant. He said he quite believed it was possible for a lot of cows going over a field to start up a young leveret, and that one might have trod upon it. He hoped the Bench would not convict the defendant upon such a trivial charge, as it would be the means of ruining the man for life. The Bench considered there was doubt in the case, and gave the defendant the benefit of it, and dismissed the information.

80 Years Ago in 1936:

ACCIDENT – An accident occurred on 1st May in Castle Road, when a laundry van ran into a telegraph pole. The van was returning from the Castle Farm and had just got on to the highway when the hampers fell forward, pinning the driver against the wheel and causing him to lose control. The van left the road and ran into the telegraph pole, breaking it off. The driver was assisted out and fortunately escaped without any injuries, although the van was badly damaged.

PARISH COUNCIL – A meeting of the Parish Council was held in the schools on Monday. Mr. J. M. Cony presided. Correspondence was read from the Newport Pagnell Rural District Council stating they would fix several wire baskets in the village for waste paper. The Buckinghamshire County Council wrote stating that they were not prepared to clean the village up more than once per week. The auditor’s report on the cemetery caused considerable discussion. A sub-committee was appointed to look into the matter and report at the next meeting. The Clerk reported the gift from the cricket club of a hand roller, which was accepted with thanks. A complaint was received about the water supply and stand-pipes in Olney Road and the Clerk was instructed to send this to the Rural District Council.

70 Years Ago in 1946:

Sheep Shearing Competition - Lavendon & District Agricultural Club

Sheep Shearing Competition – Lavendon & District Agricultural Club – May 1946

LAVENDON MAKES A START – Victory Celebration Plans Discussed
A public meeting called by Lavendon Parish Council to obtain suggestions as to how Victory celebrations could be organized, was held at the Ambulance Hall. Among the suggestions put forward were a fancy dress parade, a tea party for children of school age and under, a comic football match between men over 45 and women of all ages. For the evening it was suggested that the services of a concert party and a dance band be obtained, the dancing to take place by floodlight in the school playground.

Suspended in 1940, the Bedford and District Cricket League begins again to-morrow (Saturday) with three divisions, the revival of the Premier section being left until the strength of the clubs can be assessed. Tomorrow’s fixtures [include]: Division III – Riseley v. Pavenham, Lavendon v. Hail Weston, Elstow Abbey v. West End.

The Parish Council met on Monday. It was decided to submit to the electricity company a recommendation from the Street Lighting Committee to install three additional street lamps in Olney Road, and one in High Street, and to extend the electricity supply near the Castle. Complaints regarding public footpaths and rights-of-way were again received, and the Clerk (Mr. J. H. Green) was instructed to remind the County Council that the erection of notices indicating these was still awaited.

An enjoyable evening was had at the Green Man on Tuesday, when darts and skittles players from Queen’s Works, Bedford, were the visitors. Lavendon, after losing 6—2 at darts, won the skittles 6-1. At darts W. Clifton was the highest scorer for Lavendon with 150. For the Works, W. Francis (captain) scored 120. B. Cotton was the highest scorer at skittles with 17, 15, and 12. The matches were followed by a smoking concert, arranged by Mr. Fred Wright.

CAPABLE GIRL as Forewoman, wanted in Lavendon for Boot and Shoe Closing Room; also Girls for all machining operations, learners taught.—Apply: Factory, Olney Rd. or direct to George Selwood and Co., Rushden, Northants.