2015 Lavendon Scarecrow Competition Results

Thank you to all who took part!

The 2015 Lavendon Scarecrow competition was determined by the independent judges, Councillor Peter Geary, and past Mayor of MK, Debbie Brock.

The Show Organisers are very grateful to all those who took the trouble to create and display some wonderful Scarecrows, to those who came to the Show and also to those who took much interest in the progress of the Scarecrow competition!

Most if not all of the Scarecrows displayed in the village can be seen by clicking here.  For those who were unable to catch up with the final results, here they are:


1st prize was awarded to Lavendon School for their splendid Scarecrow:

Scarecrow - Lavendon School

Scarecrow – Lavendon School

2nd prize was awarded to Charlie Panter for his highly convincing Crow:

Scarecrow - Olney Road

Scarecrow – Olney Road

3rd Prize was awarded to Saoirse & Elora Brinkman for their lovely Mermaid:

Scarecrow - Castle Road

Scarecrow – Castle Road

A ‘Highly Commended‘ set of Scarecrows were entered by the Railway Nursery and these were the favorite of many:

Scarecrow - Railway Nursery

Scarecrow – Railway Nursery


The 1st prize went to ‘Mr Green’ of the Green Man who entered a highly appropriate Scarecrow:

Scarecrow - The Green Man

Scarecrow – The Green Man

2nd prize went to Kath Collins for her depiction of  Worzel Gummidge and Aunt Sally, oh and lots of mice:

Scarecrow - Harrold Road

Scarecrow – Harrold Road

3rd prize went to Nicola, Andrew, Daniel and Philip Thomson for their wonderfully camouflaged soldier action man:

Scarecrow - Longmire

Scarecrow – Longmire